Nothing to blog about these days. Work is smooth, life is peaceful, for a change I actually get home early and also manage to bug my family a bit more often.

Work is good, everything steadily falling into place; and while having no boss has its own element of fun, the added responsibility is manifold.

One feels accountable to oneself, but at the same time, one has to retain focus. The universe seems different when you look at it from an entreprenurial perspective. Everything feels and seems so much more different. Expansion opporunities know no boundaries and you only need to work in the right direction to achieve your dreams.

The weather is finally looking pleasant here….

On the agenda: Waiting for my laptop to stroll in, lining up between meetings here, upcountry and social commitments…






3 responses to “Sailing…”

  1. Checkmate Avatar

    Inpirex, it is nice to know that life is sailing smoothly. Thank you for helping a novice like me get to her blog. If you get the opportunity do visit, it is Take care.

  2. suga Avatar

    i wish my work was as smooth sailin as urs… 🙁

  3. Inspirex... Avatar

    @suga: aww….whats buggin u bud?
    new office mate?
    what do u do btw?