While having a discussion with a friend last night, I realzed that my blog has been missing a post for quite a while. So here it is, an update to my life these days.

Well, the new secret mission is coming along pretty smoothly MashaAllah. The right things happening at the right time and all. I guess pretty soon its junt going to be a matter of publicly declaring what I do. A couple of my friends have recently explicitly stated that I do nothing, and that the secrecy thing is just a cover up. This leads me to think how well they know me. First of all, they should know that I dont have an ego issue, so not doing any thing means not doing anything. I have no reason to lie. Second, how on earth did they think that I could sit doing nothing??

Anyway, they can think what they want, Im just happy about what im doing, and since I am paid for it, its all cool.

Talking about happy, did i mention that I was scared too? Yes, this project scares me. Its like one of those things that keep growing in multiple directions and is everywhere by the time you say \”where the hell is this thing going\”. Its the sheer scale of the project that has my nerves on end. Every morning that I wake up, I have a new idea (well, almost every morning).

Whats fun about is the entreprenurial side of this, plus its big, paradigm shifting and puts me to a real test. Im a firm believer in the \”make or break\” test. No matter how much you train or teach, it wont help unless the person connects the right dots at the right time. It is only when he/she does that the intelligence and ability really shows.

My friends. I need your prayers and support.






3 responses to “Realization”

  1. Extiinct Avatar

    Sounds like you’re working on something you believe in:)
    And let’s face it you wouldn’t have been having half as much fun as your are if there werent any risks involved. That’s the pull.

    Good Luck with your big project! I’m sure you’ll do swell:)

  2. suga Avatar

    good luck..InshAllah u will b a big hit!

  3. Inspirex... Avatar

    thank you…:)
    (im workin my way up…)