The end of a chapter…the start of another…

Today seems a day like never before. Its happy, sad, melancholic, nostalgic…yet so little and so much more all in one.

Its my last day at work today. A few minutes ago, I handed over all my official possessions and representative instruments to the HR dept. My drawer keys, my ID, health card, parking passes and visiting cards.

As far as this company is concerned, I am no more. I shall walk out today at 6 in the evening, with a small cardboard box in my hand containing my personal effects.

In my 35 months at this place, I am today nothing more than a card board box. A box 11 x 8 inches, less than 1 foot high.

I just remembered, my visiting cards too.

During my stay here, I have directly trained 3 superiors on the company, the product and service offerings and the way around this place. The 5 strong IAS team, which I trained has a weird look on their faces. They are happy, yet sad.

The CEO just dropped me an email in response to my 3 liner good-bye mail titled \”Good Bye and Good Luck…\”. He wants me to see him before I leave. I\’m happy he didn\’t try to stop me when i initially submitted my resignation. Lets see what\’s on his mind.

Tomorrow, Ill sleep in, rest for a day or so before I get back on my feet to take care of a few pending issues at home. I join the new place officially on Monday.

Till then, to all of you reading this,

All the best. I don\’t believe in good-byes






4 responses to “The end of a chapter…the start of another…”

  1. JonyBr Avatar

    Yes no good byes. Rather good luck for whats ahead dude.

  2. Extiinct Avatar

    Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog.

    And Good luck with the new job!

  3. suga Avatar

    u left in style hahaha..i like it

  4. Inspirex... Avatar

    thank you…:)