Other Rants…

Im leaving this place on 24 May, Wednesday, and I guess ill take 2 days of rest, before the weekend lands in and then I join my new workplace.

Im trying to kick start my photography too, primary targets being road objects that I prefer sharing on the Metblogs rather than my flickr.

In a while, Ill leave for the Goethe Institut to attend a movie screening and discussion. Hopefully looking forward to meeting some interesting people there.

Gotta pick up my new pair of specs today too, have had a headache for the past few days over my right eye.

What else? Beach farewell party on Sunday…YAAAY!!!







2 responses to “Other Rants…”

  1. Marium Avatar

    long time
    was able to access blogs now after ages.
    so leaving abamco eh 🙂 iv heard abt their crazy IT dept too..thats a breach of privacy hai na..hehe
    Sue them 😉

  2. umar Avatar

    share them on karaphoto as well.