Another one bites the dust…

Well, as obvious, someone else has decided to throw in the towel too. This time its a pretty senior person…

Whats weird is that we are hearding news of another one in the pipeline…but lets see what whappens about that…

Anyway, i spent most of my day cleaning out my outlook mailbox (there are several mail conversations i honestly cant ask IT to delete, and several that no one should know about either..:P). In general, however, my pc is hogged by my 2 replacements who are tring to make an ad look good.

My car-reconstucted is going smooth, thankfully and has a couple of minor issues that ill need to spnd a few hours with the mechanic for to get fixed, but nothing major.






2 responses to “Another one bites the dust…”

  1. suga Avatar

    u shld c my inbox at work…i would probably get a diciplinary for misuse of company facilities…

  2. Inspirex... Avatar

    lol…just for the record, my outloook was over 55,000 and over 6GB heavy…what about urs?