Changing Faces, Changing Places

Time for a long over due blog post.

I resigned from my job last tuesday, May 9, 2006. How could I forget. The day marks and end to an assiciation with ABAMCO that stretches over almost three years since July 1, 2003.

There were no surprisesa at the higher management level, which is something im decently happy about. Im not about going behind peoples backs and getting things done. I informed them beforehand and it was just a matter of handing it in.

All\’s well that ends well I say….

What more…I was out to my first pitch meeting today…..which seemingly went well. When i got back to office, I found out two of my colleagues had resigned. I was sensing one resignation from Ambreen on the way and Aamir\’s was just around the corner. Not to brag but he actually asked for a copy of my resignation yesterday, which I of course had no issues in providing.

More stuff…may car has been keeping me on my toes lately after a complete clutch breakdown on saturday. I had it towed to a workshop..and when i realized the magnitude of work to just fix the clutch, I though id pretty well get almost a complete engine rebuild. It had a few leakages in the piston rings, which caused loss of power and a burning of fuel. Thankfully, that gone now and so is a lot of money.

Im trying to do something these days, I hardly have anything since Ive made it very clear to the management that its pointless for me to start off on any new assignments. It doesnt quite make sense to start something and then not be there to make sure things go right.

Well, im bored now… I now have to find something else to do or write about before I drown in my own semi-concious self that is very very sleepy!






4 responses to “Changing Faces, Changing Places”

  1. Ramla A. Avatar

    Can say that I saw that coming! Wish you good luck in whatever you do from now on. Happy living!

  2. umar Avatar

    all the best, dude.

  3. Jamash Avatar

    Good ! You have finally flicked your boss off your shoulders. I am sure you will find something more interesting and better to do for your self very soon. Best of luck.

    P.S: and now don’t let your car feel lonely again, she need’s ur love. 😉

  4. Xill-e-Ilahi Avatar

    way to go. good luck in whatever you take up