Good byes…

As soon as I landed at my office today, i jusp started on a long over due mission. Cleaning up my desk. I ended the misery of looking through zillions of pounds of paper, books and magazines. Thankfully, I feel i now have more space on my desk and I bet for certain that my desk loves me now for giving it breathing space.

Interestingly, I was asked by three persons if today was my last day. How I wish I could have said yes, how i wish i could have written my good bye email.







4 responses to “Good byes…”

  1. Xill-e-Ilahi Avatar

    From one untidy guy to another… I can so empathise with that, dude.

  2. Detox Avatar

    What made you to have a change of heart? 😛

  3. Inspirex... Avatar

    No change of heart. Rest assured!!

  4. Afreen Avatar

    Hang in there, buddy! It would be all over soon! 🙂