sadness or madness?

Here i was today at work enjoying a nice long friendly chat with a friend, Tania.

Interestingly, I broke all my googletalk chat records. My longest conversation was about 45 lines or so.

Today, I hit 850 lines with Tania.

It was good fun….and i just discovered im not the only crazy nut in this world….and that im fairly successful at inding others. I guess its one of those birds of a feather things.

Here begin the chronicles of how my company is hell bent on isolating me socially.

First they blocked all MSN and Yahoo and all other chat services.

Then the following in order:

Orkut, Blogspot, Metblogs.

Lately, Flickr, (means no more Dilberts and Pearls before Swine for me) and now even BLOGLINES!!!!

Also got told about the gmail chat sessions. Do it anymore and we revoke all your rights.

Sigh….nothing much to say….