Random Deconstruction

Deep within, under my skin, lies a fire. Burning slowly, deeply, softly, smoothly. A sweet pain that I treasure and call my own. I guard it secretly, calmly, closely. Bittersweet.

Break this bittersweet spell on me. I am lost in the throes of destiny.

Destiny, I believe in creating my own. Fate, no doubt, has been written. Life, to be lived on ones own. Purpose, to be beyond a robot and to rewrite, Destiny.

Blasphemy, I am in pain a pain I know nothing of. Nothing known to man in this world can relieve me. I am running to the core, the core of my fears. Ambitions stand towering above me. Too far to be reached. I am Godless under your cover.

Time slides through my fingers, life slides from my eyes. All these blessings turn to burns, my life, my dreams, my existence.

I fall yet again, only to stand and face the tides, once again, once more. I brave the frozen tides on my naked skin.

Existence means nothing.

Always, Forever. I will be here.






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