Its been a while…

Ok. So here I am, back to my old blogging board. Ill take advantage to scribble soem stuff that been on my head for the past few days, and considering the attendance at my workplace is thin (in the 60% range), ill just take advantage of the time i have at my hand.

First up, i cant tell you all how happy i am. I love Gmail for more than its memory now (well, in addition to the light interface and easy organizing tools). It has GoogleTalk within the standard inbox. Why i appreciate this you ask? Well, to start off with, our workpace does not allow any sort of IMs, no lite version, no web version, nothing. Im happy knowing that this works, but i also know that these guys are seriously so good, they\’ll come up with a way to block that too. For that, i hate them.

What next…the strike…

Why the hell dont these self proclaimed custodians of religion understand that what they are doing is only causibng damage to the property and prestige (if there is any) of muslims. When abused, both verbally and physically, the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said \”Let them be, they do not know\”. End of story. If He can forgive, why cant we?

I so wanna go home right now, because I know for certain that after Friday prayers, things might go bad.

About the cricket series, I have no comment. Is it even worth a comment?

I guess ill get back when there is more ti be said, or rather when im in the typing phase. I just want to run now.

Run, run hard, run long. There are so many things I want to run from, so few to run to. Is that normal?

Yesterday, I was speaking to someone, who was talking about compromises in life, and crying upon them. There are so many things id cry out for, if only they could be fixed.

I died last year, this year, I shall die again. I am preparing my escape, knowing what will hit me, I am slowly and painfully, distancing myself. Learning from my vulnerability, knowing my state. I know I will die, but i intend to make as quick a rbirth as possible. It is tough. There are hardly any words between us now. There is hardly anything to be said.

A good sign is that another old good friend has come back from a long herbernation/vacation. Its pleasant to get back to talking biryani with you buddie.

Another friend from out of town!!! I have an increasing number of out of town friends now..:D and I turned her into a blogger too…:P

And another one of my Lahore friends is getting married!!! i missed oen guys wedding, better make it to this one. I think ill hand that old guy a wedding present too. Thats was due.

Thats all for now. Tummy grumbles, I hungry, looking for something to eat…sadly, supermarket closed….







2 responses to “Its been a while…”

  1. Ayesha Saeed Avatar

    Blogging is clogging my work…….! But so what …..!!

    As per tummy grumble, strange!!! I thought you eat people’s brain (brain masala) & for that all you need to do is to call any friend of yours who still enjoys that walnut looking squishy think pad ……………………… :o) so strike really doesn’t matter…does it?

  2. Napoleon blown apart Avatar

    nice blog! 🙂
    sorry about your car though!
    shattered glass was a great movie!