Daybreak, the sight of beauty, the sound of joy, the feeling of hope. The ray of sunlight filtering through the window kissing me on my eyelids as I lie asleep, greeting me with a persuasion to live everyday as if it was the last. As I hope to survive every coming day till it reaches its end, I dream of a escaping into the unknown world that we have all once heard of. A life where there will be fear of foe, a world without the lust to conquer, a world driven by the actions of oneself.

No matter how much I dream, there is a constant fear of the unknown in the other world. It is something undocumented, unreported, unheard of, a one-way ticket. What lies beyond, if there truly is one, is more difficult to find than a grain of gold in all the sands of this earth.

The mystery that hides behind the desire is the source of all the beauty in the world. Beauty itself is driven, in my opinion, by the sense of intrigue and curiosity. The fact is that ignorance is bliss, and once there is a leak in thois over inflated balloon of ignorance, any person would want to win back the lost satisfaction. To what lengths he may go is a different question, determined by the fire that burns within him.






3 responses to “Daybreak”

  1. Fahd Mirza Avatar

    Great post, and I agree that

    Beauty itself is driven, in my opinion, by the sense of intrigue and curiosity……


  2. Unaiza Nasim Avatar

    good good…
    nice post:)
    good words and good thought…

  3. Confused Avatar

    What? Everyone’s playing teacher teacher here? What the heck..

    Good boy. You deserve a chocolate for this post. A grain of gold in the sands of this earth. Hmmm… If it is so, I wud rather lay back and relax coz there aint no way I am putting myself to work at an impossible task. A grain of gold and a grain of sand look the same to naked eye.. especially from the distance we look at them. This explains why we cannot SEE the grain of gold… the grains of sand are too many…too many.