My second first day at work…

Just got back from a vacation that stretched over a month long. Considering my general attitude towards work, a significant number of person were seriously concerned about my unusual yet extra long leave. Rest assured all, im back, and im back to turn your lives into hell.

Am i that scary? I dont think so, but interestingly still, some people prefer that i work on certain projects, while others want me on the other end of the horizon.

Coming back to the reason for this post, well, it was hectic. I was feeling tired and sleepy at midday. Maybe its all the extra sleep i had during the vacations. I do get confused from time to time, but i guess thats \’cos of the information gap that has stretched for over a month.

Anyhue, more news, one of my articles, titled \”I wonder\” was recently published on Chowk in the \”Self Publish\” section. 33 hits, no reviews. Encouraging, ill send in more. Also lectured a BBA class at Commecs on Jan 26, their letter of thanks ended up at my desk today. Maybe ill do more of these things too.

My Flickr is also raking up some good scores, apparently more people have marked my images as favourite than those that have added me as a contact.

And what is this with absolutely random people adding me up on my Orkut? 3 people added me in 3 days, thats kinda nice and appreciative, but i seriously hadnt anticipated this (you guys must be reading this, please dont hate me, i was just taken a bit by surprise). I generally add people whom I have had an interaction with, whether on a personal level or not is irrelevant.






2 responses to “My second first day at work…”

  1. aalahazrat Avatar

    Why is the second day always harder than the first?

  2. TwinTopaz Avatar

    hey..i have commented on your chowk’s post…feel good now??