When I was in my early primary school years, my curiousity for everything around me earned me the title \”Master of Destruction\”. Little did I know that over twenty years down the lane, I\’ll continue to protect my title.

Why do people think that their minds are readable? Why do people believe their emotions are transparent?

What happened between us is something I dont know. Something she does\’nt want to tell me either. She called me today, referred to me as \”Sir\”. It hurt.

I asked her what happened, the bridges were wide gaping oceans, dark and violent.

\”Im ok without you in my life and you\’re ok without me\”.

Lost for words, lost from the world for a brief while.

Its not that there was some form of a relationship between us, we were just decent friends, who pulled each others legs every once in a while, but she was someone in my life, thats what I know.

People matter to me, no matter who they are, no matter where they are. This was a shock.

Like the several times in the past, ill continue to hold myself responsible for this breakdown too.

The destruction is still on, except that this time round, its people, their hearts, their dreams, their emotions.

Do i enjoy it? well…maybe i do…subconciously so….






4 responses to “Destruction”

  1. Unaiza Nasim Avatar

    I understand that..
    Sometimes we ve the bestest buddies..people whom we love, take care and its not that we want to marry eachother or nithing indecent taht makes us stick to them..but just friendship..
    Unfortunately some ppl dun understand it!

  2. Confused Avatar

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  3. Confused Avatar

    You should know some things are meant to self-destruct every now and then.. Hearts lead the list.

  4. JonyBr Avatar

    Separation is a fact of life in one form or the other… sigh. I am getting used to of it.