Beatiful Mornings…

After waking up at 6.30 today to drop my bro to the airport, I spent most of my morning drive back from the airport remeniscing about a beautiful morning in March/April.

After a crazy night, we landed at my place pretty late, and drove back out at about 6ish….u were still sleepy! We had classy doodh patti chai and then headed off to the airport.

It was a decently long span of time, but it felt so short, when u look at the fun we had….there still is much to do….

Those who are thinking what this is about…keep thinking….ull never know…,,and the one that does know…please pretend you are one of them!

(evil grin)






4 responses to “Beatiful Mornings…”

  1. Fahd Mirza Avatar

    Just stumbled upon your blog and its a nice light read.

  2. Marium Avatar

    hi, just saw yr reply in my blog 🙂 i know u?
    thats rude i know but niks tend to be pretty confusing

  3. Marium Avatar

    its orite, online blogs cant be personlized biggie 🙂
    nice blog u hav here too 🙂

  4. Unaiza Nasim Avatar

    immissing the advisor:) u r responsible for dropping him off @ the airport:D