Making Sense…

Sometimes, things just dont make any sense.

Life is whirlwind, you are the silent centre. Everything
around you just spins by, faster and faster. You keep standing, staring, maybe thinking what part of your life you treasure most and want to protect.

You search for yourself, pieces of you, memories of you, dreams of you, amongst your shattered and sliced existence.
You stand there, in pain and despair, not knowing what happened, you laugh at yourslef, your own helpless existence.
Your memories are no longer yours, your dreams are no longer yours. You have faded away, into the abyss, but your existence remains.

All those around you, are now mere beings, individials, each lost in their own little worlds, or what ever is left of it.






One response to “Making Sense…”

  1. Unaiza Nasim Avatar

    yeah! i understand that feeling of emptiness..
    infact the feelin of being void…
    btw, thnx a lot for best wishes nd posting the news:)