All through these days, I walked in absolute silence, only to be reawakened with pain. That, I had suffered enough of. All these years of my life, merely to recollect my memories, if any existed to this day, I had faced the greatest pains a man would have ever seen in this universe. An eon of endless suffering, more to go and what more to see.

The scars on my body were only a trifle as against those on my soul. I had seen the true face of life. Ages of agony and anguish, that had left their marks all over me, could never be forgotten. I felt the earth scream below my feet, the grains of dust as they moved to protect themselves from my oncoming feet. Their cries, their desperation and the hope that I would turn away and show mercy on them.

I am relentless and bear a stone in my bosom. Mercy is a luxury solely for the Gods. Any human intervention would mean nothing less than an apocalypse. Those who are to show mercy are judged by their peers and sentenced to ages of suffering, life long pain and distress.






2 responses to “Pain…”

  1. Confused Avatar

    Why has the pain come back???? Didnt you say you were past it?

  2. X --- Avatar

    it comes…..and it goes….like no one cares…..