Wrote this many years ago….thought id share with u….

On the road to heaven
I saw a devil
lucifer was his name
On his back was shovel

Trackin\’ through life
loads of strife
with a dagger in his hand
he asked for my life

I refused
Still confused
Asked for a cause
For I am bemused

Your time is over
U can run for cover
Wherever u hide
Death is sure to hover

What have I done?
Haven\’t seen much fun
Why me so soon?
Am I the only one?

You are a waste
Death u shall taste
Don\’t ask questions
blame your own fate

life is a lesson
you have lots to listen
but I don\’t have time
u are awaited for the grand decision

but I cant come now, I have family and friends
many to make amends
those hearts I broke, those deeds I did
I have a lot to mend

All u want is more time
How many times should I remind
The clock has beaten you
You destiny has been redefined






One response to “Heaven….”

  1. Confused Avatar

    Wow…your destiny has been redefined…Death is pretty horrible…This poem made me think…Its passed the test..:)