Of Age and Expectations

The journey of life is one of many memories, many learning and many opinions that we shape as individuals. This journey exposes us to the strengths and weaknesses of those around us, including our friends, family and loved ones. There is no sacred cow, everyone has their own flaws, and as much as we might hate it, we need to accept them for who they are and find a way to make peace with the differences that we might have, or may have developed as we age.

Our parents generally play an instrumental role in shaping who we are, but that said, as we hit a stage of maturity, the cracks start showing in the walls. Things start breaking down between the us and our parents sometimes. They stick to their ways, and we start seeing the problem with that.

There is an attitude of non-confrontation to all this. Sometimes a parent might want to avoid confrontation with one person and as a result, just whine away about that person. They are scared, or maybe they are just too used to treating us as their confidant. And that, is the problem. The whining, gets to you. Especially if you have a low level of tolerance for an attitude that leads to this. The selective non confrontation attitude is painful. There is just too much whining and bickering. Not to mention that you cannot tell them to stop whining. Because then they feel they cant share stuff with you.

Sometimes, your best solution to deal with all this is to move on. Move away. Go some place else.

That is what I want to do. That is my state of mind right now. To move away, to let go of everything and everyone I know, and start anew.