What I am thinking

I like to let my brain run free at times. That can have multiple effects. Either I drop the idea of thinking all together, and sink in the brief moment that is finally, at peace or I look for something to do, something new to think, a new challenge to kill. This post is a combination of both.

On Twitter today, a dear friend suggested I write something about what I am thinking about right now. So here it is. Nothing.

The beauty of nothing, is that it is intensely absorbing. It can absorb and attract everything, annihilate substances and thoughts, yet, at the same time, be the source of so much more. The source of elements that become the substance that is happiness and joy, of elation and pleasure, of peace and serenity.

The nothingness of the moment, describes both the completion, and the absolute inexistence. No state of being, is as complete, as nothingness itself. You and I cannot add to the nothingness of something, the only thing we can do, is take away from it by adding something. A twisted paradox, if you may, is probably the best definition for nothingness.

When you have nothing to do (actually there is something or the other to always do, but let\’s face it, quite often, we are just putting it off, possibly to relax), your mind can run free. You either create and evaluate new ideas, learn a new skill or art for that matter, or, you will just try to sleep it off. I unfortunately can\’t sleep it off right now. I write this at work with nothing to do, except maybe think for a bit and relax it off. What you can do in a moment of nothingness, depends on how you feel about the state that is now.

A long awaited moment of nothingness, is welcomed, but mark my words, for the thinking crazy, that welcome party doesn\’t usually last more than 30 minutes. After that, you start thinking of what to do, without focusing on anything specific. You tick things off the list and knock off things that might usually come in the category of work. You will treat anything work related as…work and then discard it. You look for something fun, yet you want it to be effortless fun. Nothing too challenging, or not too long, nothing like a movie for that matter. Just a quick sharp rush of happy hormones to get you back on track.

As this challenged 500 word part/article nears its end, I finally have something to think about. A picture to go with it. I have my camera with me today, so maybe, I\’ll just take a shot of the nothingness on my desktop to go with it. Or maybe, I\’ll just sit back and relax and use my trusty search engine to help me come up with a picture relevant to nothingness, or irrelevant to anything else. But at the end of it all. Nothing, can be everything at the same time. If you treat nothingness as a glass, it fits the old adage. A half empty could be half full.




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