The weather looks a lot better since 10 in the morning. Had a couple of meetings, and thankfully it was cloudy all over. The most irritating thing today was the generator. Yes, we have a royal generator now at the office. Now that things will continue working in the event of a power breakdown, my room will also keep vibrating by virtue of its proximity to the generator.

Had a fun fun day yesteday, left home at 4, drove arond town like mad then ended up at Hawkes Bay at 7 in the evening. Totally unplanned, hence not the beach, but the rocky waterfront. The beach had disappeared anyway, high tide had crept in and as we stood by there, enjoying the breeze, the we could feel the increasing strength in the waves.

Power breakdowns continue.

Today I felt the strength of a decision. I was asked today if I would continue funding a certain business had I been given the choice. I have been in a consulting role on that business lately, hence the question came to me. I wiggled out of any liability to answer, or liability from any loss in the event a decision was made, with my inputs on the business itself and hwo it could strenthen itself. The moment was groundshaking. More than what the generator did.

Im still shaking, better go home.






11 responses to “Decisions…”

  1. mAn[S]o0r Avatar

    would love to goto the beach sometime myself too! the weather today really became AWESOME!! luved it! had to work however 🙁

    we have generator problems too at work.. the problem being it works :S so we actually ahve to get work done!! LoL!

  2. suga Avatar


    I bet its great being able to jus whizz off too a beach whenever u feel like it…Im so jealous…

    I am a beachY person lol…I love it…

  3. Inspirex... Avatar

    mansoor: I hear u man….i hear u…

    suga: why jealous? no beaches out there?
    at my earlier workplace…we’d run off to the sea side and have snacks there whenever it rained..:D
    so much fun fun…the gang is no longer there now…

  4. suga Avatar

    yes beaches hai…but not clean..or nice like the other beaches in the world..i will post about it soon…
    right now work timeeeeeee

  5. Marium Avatar

    Hey dude 🙂
    how u doin?
    iv been around but just not posting.
    Had my mba to complete 😀

    Im still not used tot he proxies though..:-s

  6. Marium Avatar

    yep all done with the studies for good 🙂

  7. PsycheD Avatar

    hmm…u got a petrol station or something?? 😛 .. oh cng!

    me no beach person – but i lurrve driving…sp in the rain…sigh…. shake-shake eh? hehe

  8. Checkmate Avatar

    Why don’t you lean your chair agianst the wall and maybe get a massage from all the vibrations.

    Ohh! exciting stuff about the business decision.

  9. ParanoiD anony Avatar
    ParanoiD anony

    hahaha! thats a very clever suggestion by chekmate – do try it and then blog about it ! hehe

  10. Inspirex... Avatar

    marium: guud guud…hope to see more of u!

    psyched: you, my friend have yet to learn the power of corporate energy…;)
    shake shake is gone…i hate those fries by MCD btw… me its just gali kay corney wala chat masala fries..:P

    checkmate: massages are addictive! hence i shall not have it!

    para: there will be no action..hence no blog post about it!!!


  11. PsycheD Avatar

    🙂 and i was referring to all the shaking u were talking about! yeh mcdo fries kahan se aye hain?? – i still have to try their shake shake fries tho – but im a mcdo fan….which reminds me, still have to muster the courage to go for their kickass tripple beef burger 😛