On working…

Why do things become weirdly odd at times…if there is such a word to start of with!

Why i say weirdly odd, might sound extremely boring. You wake up, you drop your siblings to their respective institutions and you get to work. Thats it.

Things at work these days are odd….there is a strange isolation all around. Silence, nothing moving, no action. Maybe its always the same everywhere, except that we are too action oriented. Ive heard my friends often say how much work we guys do…and that are company is a slave driver etc etc, but i guess its the sudden cut down in pace thats actually getting to us.

We were never used to having time to go downstairs for a coffee and donuts at DD except for saturdays or before getting to work….now you can move out when ever you feel like it.

Im exploring a lot these days, and hot having internet sure isnt helping. I have a working saturday. Almost till 5. bad. Just brainstorming with the agency. Lets hope we haev a direction till then.

I kinda like sara, she is good, and whats best, she knows why she is doing what. Thats so uncommon these days. I think she will make a great addition to the team.

Talking of teams, i dont know what happened here. Its all so loosely tied in.

There is a lot to be done, a lot to be achieved, significant miles to cover and no where to start. I stay stranded, tied to hope, for maybe 2 months more.

Life, just isnt easy sometimes…