Here\’s to a fresh start…

This morning, i realized that my blog is heavily under-blogged!

Why do i have to wait to feel bad about something to blog about it? Why not about anything and everything? It is after all an expression of who i am and what i go through everyday…

So hopefully, from today, you will hear and read my ravings and rntings about anything and everything that affects me everyday…like those RJs playing idiotic music on one fine day, or the bloody bus wala that was spewing black diesel smoke into my face on Shahrah e Faisal. The idiot wasnt even letting me pass, despite that fact that i needed to rush on. Eventually, i was three minutes late in dropping my younger bro to college. Idiot!

Whats more, these bike wala guys are sometimes quite the limit. These days, im particularly wary of the bikers. Nothing happned to me or my car, but just an incident in the family that has left a bad scar. That will take tiem to heal.

Im on sharah e Faisal, driving past the royal eyesore (Kawish Crown) intersection when his royal highness passes me by me from the right and decides to cross over to the left lane, while less than a foot infront of my car. Needless to say that there were no indications, either by indicators or a waving of the hand or foot before the turn was initiated.

I slammed (softy) on the brakes and managed to distance myself, for the fear of offending his excellency with my close proximity. Close shave…

Bad start to a beautiful day…..just when im feelig better from my flu….

Another issue….the nose pressure pads on my specs seem to be misaligned, im getting these throbbing headaches and pains in my eye socket every few minutes…..always happens after a flu!!!

Tea time!