My Soul…

Together, tonight.
Every night.
Pleasant, smiling………

I stand, facing the air, awaiting the imminent rise of the sun. The dark skies seem pleasant, with a light tinge of hope. The summer air carries a light nip in it. Time feels suspended now. I feel suspended.

A strange combination of hope and darkness surrounds me…the light cool breeze, feeling pleasant on my skin, burning it softly, slowly, from within. The rapture feels sweet. My end seems beautiful in this breeze. A silent, slow decay. Cutting gently through my skin. Piercing through my flesh, penetrating my veins, poisoning my blood. It feels so sweet.

My eyes are the most vulnerable, guarded by nothing more than delicate eye lids. They have already been breached, my brain, dissolving out through my ears and nose. My lungs, drowning in my own venom.

There will be no sound, no cry for help, no whisper, no desire for water, no last wish.
A silent departure.

My soul feels freed, searching slowly for an exit. Not so fast. An invisible force, keeps me alive, despite my own faculties failing it. I am alive. My soul, is still there. A prisoner, of myself, a self that is there no more. I lay on the ground, in a pool of my own blood. The rest of my body, slowly melting away.

My soul is still trapped. My soul is suffocating. My soul is dead.