Hopes & Dreams…

Standing here today, with my arms wide open.
Standing in wait, for the century that has gone.
I feel frail now, weakened by longing, for the ages that have gone by, in the roaring silence.

The silence drives me mad, the darkness burns my skin, the dry air….drowning me from within.

I have waited for ages.
I see her, I have always seen her.
She gives me the courage to brave moreknowing the \”us\” is no more, I long for her, hope being my solitary shore.

I gather my energy from the sight of her, the voice of her and perchance, the smile that she blesses the world with.

It is the pain that gives me a reason to live, the factor that drives my existence.

The pain in knowing that what I desire will never be mine.Why do some of us mortals believe so strongly in hope?

Knowing that life is definite, some of us hope to change destiny.

I am one of them….

I hope, aspire, dream for something I cannot change…Those gone, cannot return…..its best we forget, knowing that, I defy my own logic.

I dream, forever….