As she opened her eyes to the world around her, she felt the birth of a new day in the first breath of fresh air that had penetrated deep into her lungs, heart, mind and soul. A rejuvenated spirit rose from within her, to give a new meaning to life as it has originally meant to her.

The faint rays of a morning sunrise reflected off the ceiling to dive into her eyes, making the new day a reality that, till this moment, had been the spirit of hope, vision and dream. She stood up, and headed towards the balcony.

When you wake up, and tomorrow is today, how does the fact make you feel that another day has gone by, another week will go by, so will the months and years in a fashion not different to your morning today. The moment you are reading this, will never truly be yours, or mine for that matter. And we will forever be a slave to time for all that is yet to come.