Walking Along….

Today as I walk, the earth beneath my bare feet slowly bites into my skin, with every step I take, I feel slightly consumed, consumed by the earth. The earth is my soul, I am part of it, consciously or not, I am always blending into it. Slowly and steadily, I transform into what I will end up as, accept it or deny it, worm-food. I must acknowledge the fact that all the time I spend treading on this earth, I do not feel the pain of those upon whom I set my foot on, where I will eventually be one day. I have tried to avoid this fact, not because I don\’t accept it or hide my face from it, but because whether or not I destroy all the time that I have in this world thinking about it, it is bound to happen. I feel I would rather be better off thinking about myself and making things easier for others, as that is how I seek refuge from the invisible wound that I will one day succumb to.

The pain is insurmountable, beyond any physical location or definable reason. It starts and ends all over the body, tearing through my brain everytime. It starts as a rush of blood that exceeds the capacity of my veins, pushing hard on the walls to relieve pressure. The pressure is offloaded against my innocent little mind, subjecting it to more pain than it can bear, causing me to die again and again, just to relive the agony that comes with every rush that drives through.